Changing The World Together

P a r t n e r s

Working Together
to Transform Care

Our unique approach to delivering predictive outcomes enables Tesis Labs to partner with leaders in the industry to drive new advances in diagnostics, treatments, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and monitoring.

The Future of
Medicine is Here

Our goal is to maximize the intellectual and innovative achievements across the globe to:


Provide Unique Genetic Testing to help bring new pharma-cogenetic products to market to improve the health and lives of patients


Provide Unique Genetic Testing to support and accelerate the development and approval of new medical devices and precision medicine opportunities


Engage hospitals, physicians and other clinicians to improve treatment plans and outcomes through targeted genetic testing

Data &

Expand genetically targeted information and data necessary to advance medical science

Tesis Labs is revolutionizing medicine and improving the lives of patients across generations using targeted genetic panels through our collaborative relationships with leaders in the medical community.